Medicine for Kids: How Can a Compounding Pharmacy Help?

Many people need medicine, and medicines for children are especially important. As a parent, you try to make sure that your child gets the right dose of medication and that they take their dose each day. Sometimes children, especially young children or children with special needs, have a difficult time swallowing pills or even taking [...]

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Children With Autism: Tips to Make Giving Medication Easier

Autism, or autism spectrum disorder (ASD), is a condition that affects thousands of children across the United States. Children with autism can have specific sensory processing preferences, which can make daily living more difficult for them. They might be bothered by certain textures, tones, or colors, and they might prefer certain tastes and avoid things [...]

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Home Health Care: Basic Guidelines for Medication Safety

Many people receive health care in their own homes. Some have illnesses or conditions that keep them homebound. Others live in rural areas where access to local offices or hospitals is limited. Still others pay for private treatment in order to receive care in their own home. Sometimes, family members receive some training to administer [...]

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4 Reasons to Treat Wounds With Topical Compounded Medicines

In the U.S., over six million people suffer from chronic wounds that don't heal properly. The economic impact of treating chronic wounds is over 25 billion dollars per year. Patients also suffer from acute wounds that need immediate treatment with medicines. Compounding pharmacies make custom drug treatments that you apply directly to acute and chronic wounds. Here [...]

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4 Ways Your Compounding Pharmacy Helps You Travel With Medication

Stress-tree travel takes organization and planning. Stress-free travel with prescription medications takes a firm knowledge of laws both here and abroad. Learn four ways that your compounding pharmacist can assist you with travel regulations if you are traveling out of the country.   1. Your Compounding Pharmacist Provides Compliant, Sturdy Labels To travel legally with [...]

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Compounded Medications for the Elderly

Your use of medications may increase as you get older and need to take medicine for more than one health issue. Therefore, if you need customized medications, pharmaceutical compounding can benefit you. Before you choose a pharmacy, consider the following factors which can make compounded medications a viable alternative for your individual medication needs. [...]

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10 Forms of Medication Besides Pills

Pills are such a common form of medication that when you picture medicine of any kind, the image you come up with is probably of a pill bottle or tablet. This universality comes from the fact that pills are easy to transport, disburse, and keep for long periods of time before they expire. However, for [...]

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Medications and Supplements for Traveling With Children

Before you travel with a baby or child, consult with your child’s pediatrician to determine the medications and supplements you’ll need while you’re away. Your child’s doctor can also check for health alerts in the areas where you’re traveling. If your child has a health issue — or you’re traveling to a risky area — [...]

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Treating Superficial Infant Hemangioma

Was your infant born with an infantile hemangioma? An infantile hemangioma (IH) is the most common type of neoplasm, or tumor, identified in childhood. Recent research has found new treatments that are showing promise. Learn more about IH so you can make the best choices for your baby. Mild, thinner IH lesions may be treated [...]

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4 Ways a Compounding Pharmacy Can Take the Stress Out of Administering Your Child’s Medications

One way to make administering your child’s medication an easier process is to utilize the services of a compounding pharmacy. Pharmacy compounding involves preparing personalized medications for patients that have been prescribed by a physician. Here are four reasons why a compounding pharmacy may be able to assist with your child’s medication problems. […]

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