Compounded Medications for the Elderly

Your use of medications may increase as you get older and need to take medicine for more than one health issue. Therefore, if you need customized medications, pharmaceutical compounding can benefit you. Before you choose a pharmacy, consider the following factors which can make compounded medications a viable alternative for your individual medication needs. [...]

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10 Forms of Medication Besides Pills

Pills are such a common form of medication that when you picture medicine of any kind, the image you come up with is probably of a pill bottle or tablet. This universality comes from the fact that pills are easy to transport, disburse, and keep for long periods of time before they expire. However, for [...]

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Medications and Supplements for Traveling With Children

Before you travel with a baby or child, consult with your child’s pediatrician to determine the medications and supplements you’ll need while you’re away. Your child’s doctor can also check for health alerts in the areas where you’re traveling. If your child has a health issue — or you’re traveling to a risky area — [...]

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Treating Superficial Infant Hemangioma

Was your infant born with an infantile hemangioma? An infantile hemangioma (IH) is the most common type of neoplasm, or tumor, identified in childhood. Recent research has found new treatments that are showing promise. Learn more about IH so you can make the best choices for your baby. Mild, thinner IH lesions may be treated [...]

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4 Ways a Compounding Pharmacy Can Take the Stress Out of Administering Your Child’s Medications

One way to make administering your child’s medication an easier process is to utilize the services of a compounding pharmacy. Pharmacy compounding involves preparing personalized medications for patients that have been prescribed by a physician. Here are four reasons why a compounding pharmacy may be able to assist with your child’s medication problems. […]

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A Patient’s Guide to Medication Compounding

Modern medicine allows patients to treat most health conditions with the help of prescription medication. However, most of this medication is mass produced in a specific dosage with set inactive ingredients. Unfortunately, this impersonal production means that potentially life-saving or life-changing medications are not available to all patients who need them. […]

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3 Ways Modern Compounding Pharmacies Support Nursing Moms

Pediatric health experts encourage mothers to breastfeed their babies if they are physically able to do so. Human milk is like a superfood for your baby, because it contains a variety of antioxidants, proteins and other beneficial ingredients that are easy for your baby to digest. Despite all of the hype, it’s often difficult for [...]

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How a Compounding Pharmacy’s HIPAA Compliance Affects You

The Privacy Rule protects the exchange of confidential health information among health plans, doctors, hospitals, pharmacies and other health care practitioners. Therefore, health providers that use, disclose or share protected health information must comply with the regulations governing the electronic or printed exchange of an individual’s sensitive health information. […]

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5 Simple Ways to Make Healthcare Easier for Your Dog

Just like many children, your dog might be afraid of doctors, medicine, and health treatments. Taking your dog to the vet or giving him or her medicine can turn into a battle. You’re tempted to give up in desperation, but giving up would negatively impact your dog’s health. Fortunately, there are a few tricks you [...]

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Our Pharmacy

Potter’s House Apothecary is a PCAB Accredited Pharmacy Specializing in Sterile and Non-Sterile Compounding. Compounding is the art of making custom made prescription medications specifically for an individual patient and their unique needs. We use state- of-the-art technology with FDA-approved ingredients so that your finished medication meets your doctor’s exact specifications. Our Pharmacists and technicians [...]

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